A day of eclectic discoveries, ending with a most interesting display of unusual clouds - I'm sure they have a name, but I don't know it.
New tamarack cones are still pink.Deer still wander in the yard.Blackberries still abound around all the edges.Saw 3 kinds of bees in the blackberries today.  This is a honeybeeNo wonder they are all turning to berries.  Lots of jam this year I guess.With the naked eye, these blossoms appeared to have a thin black edge.  Not so for the camera's eyeDrive to Lornville at high tide.Black BeachThe sand really is black, especially where it is wet.Halloween colors.Proof we were there.Lorneville wharf, interesting rocks.These have been hauled in from somewhere for a breakwater.  Fascinating conglomerateLichen indicates air quality.  I don't know the details, so can't comment on this air.Lobster boat at dock