These picture are a record of my time with nature since learning of this challenge on day 4. Rightfully, my Five Fathom Hole pics would represent Day 2.

Photographing my experiences is inspired by my friend Sue Davis. These pictures represent what was to be a few minutes outside before supper on a cold windy day 5. My intention was to set the camera on Macro, and photograph whatever wild flowers were in bloom. Maybe 15 minutes out in the cold.

As usual, Mother Nature had other ideas.
Heading out in my new running shoes that my feet like to stay in all the time.Planning to shoot wildflowers, I'm off to a good start with the pigeonberries,Queen Anne's lace, it's on every roadside,buttercups,cinquefoil, clearly showing its 5 leaves and petals.and a dandelion, looking not so dandy on a dark day.Strawberries are still blooming in the darknes of the woods,bluets indicate bad soil,oxalis, hides quietly in the grass,and not exactly wild, but so friendly, the perky johnny jump upsA few cultivated bushes caught my eye, wegelia,more wegelia,lilacs, fading fast,and more lilacs.Then I discovered that the new leaves of grape vines are pink on the back.Moving on to bushes and trees, choke cherries still bloom here and there.Hawthornes are mostly over with,Dogwood blooms everywhere,and the high bush cranberries are just starting to show themselves.Best of all, the new tamarack cones have finally popped out in their glorious pinkness.