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These shots represent my first visit to Amsterdam, first time to Europe for that matter. You will see our B&B with its steep sprial staircase, and the canal view in front, as well as scenes from our afternoon walk through the neighborhood. We also visited a very old Lutheran church which is being renovated. The slabs on the floor were gravestones at one time. The rich, who cold afford the luxury, were buried inside the church under these slabs. This led to the expression used to this day, "stinkin' rich." Eventually, everyone was re-buried outside.
Entrance to women's washroom at Iceland AirportOur first view, from the taxi, of many, many bicycles.Boat below our room windowCanal below our room windowMore canalRooftop across the canal.This is our window.Margot's B&B, door with roses over top.Margot's railingOur room, top floor