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This hike was billed as "rugged" by the Nature Conservancy people. I think I would agree. There are a lot of hills, nothing overly strenuous, just a lot of up and down. It took 2 of us 4 hours and 20 minutes, including time to have lunch and to stop for picture taking. A good workout for sure. According to my watch, actual walking time was 3 hours. I think it was more than that.

In general, the trail is soft underfoot, and there are very few wet spots. Some bridges span rushing streams. This is a great hike for the exercise. The woodland scenes are lovely and relaxing; the woods are quite open with the usual spring flowers, mosses and ferns.

There is not a lot of variety in the scenery, but the vegetation is varied and interesting. There are a few beaches and some nice ocean views. The most significant thing at the end of the trail however, is the signpost.