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Hearst Lodge is located on Big Salmon River, off of the Fundy Trail Parkway near St. Martin's New Brunswick. There is a trail along the river, and a roadway to get there. You cannot drive there.

We walked in the roadway, and came back by the trail. I would much advise this route. Either route involves hiking up a long steep hill on the roadway. It's much nicer to do this uphill hike at the beginning in my opinion. Besides, the hill at the park end seems much easier to climb than the one at the lodge end.

The hiking trail is labelled 'challenging', and I would agree with that, though none of us (3 youngish seniors) had any problems negotiating the roots, rocks, washouts and steep spots.

It took us a little over an hour to hike in by the road, and 2 hours to hike out by trail, which included a few stops to admire the scenery and have a snack.
Parking lot arrivalHeading outLooking up-river from the suspension bridgeWe'll head up the road from here...and keep going up for the next 40 minutes...until we get to this signFinally, we start going's harder than you'd think, and steeperBeaver has been hereWintergreen berries.  Yum.Teaberry leaves.  They have white berries in spring that taste like tea.Looking up the hill we just came down.  You can't tell the steepness from the picture.The Lodge.  Closes the end of Sept, but we found a picnic table for lunch.Heading out the walking trail