Zenfolio | Betty Fleet | Day 6: Suziki Challenge
A 2-hour hike to the Ben Lomond Hills. Walking with some friends training for Katahdin. Lots of steep hills and hardscrabble. Not for the faint of heart or weak of ankle. Great views for miles around from the Bay of Fundy on one side, to the Kennebecasis on the other.

The area has obviously been cut over a few years back. Young trees are popping up everywhere. We walked for a little over an hour until we came to an impassable mudhole. There are a lot of ATV trails in the area, and some reportedly interesting things to see another day when the mud dries up.
This is the route.Heading off on the Cozy Lake Rd, off the Airport arterialThis is where we're headed, following an ATV trail.Looks easy so far.Getting a little lumpy underfoot.And even lumpier.  None of these rocks are attached to the ground, you know.What more can I say?Along the way, some blueberriesand some mushroomsfalse Soloman Seal,and an unidentified plant that often grows amidst blueberries.a view from the topand another.Looking towards KV - You can see Quispamsis and Rothesay water towers from up here (though not in this picture)The camera does not do a good job of indicating how steep a hill is.A sweet suprise at the end of the hike:  - ripe wild strawberries on the side of the road.  Yummy.