Living Room Panelling - Feb 2 - On my own

February 02, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It's one thing to watch and learn, quite another to actually do something.  Yesterday, however, I managed to be "on my own" for 5 boards worth of installation -- let's see how it goes today.  Not a lot of time available, but here goes.

Measuring for Wall #2This puny little tape worked better than holding onto a "real" one. I have lots of real ones at hand.

9.  DONE. Admire the work already completed. 

10. UNDERWAY: There is a section of baseboard that is not screwed to the wall. 

  • Cogitate on how to screw it, realizing that it requires a #6 screw hole, a smaller screw hole into the masonite, and a countersink.  All to be done with the drill, sometimes resting on the floor. (both me and the drill.  The good news is that the drill holes for this are already marked.
  • Decide on a 1 1/2" screw.
  • Realize that the chuck on the drill will not open.  Cogitate on that. It is really humiliating when you can't figure out the simple stuff.
  • Realize that the drill will not run.  Plug it in.  Go have breakfast.
  • Discover that the  forward/backward button is in neither position.  Fix that.  The drill starts, the chuck opens.  There is too much to know!!
  • Change the bit and drill the missing holes.  Insert the smaller bit and drill into the masonite.  Oh, this is going well.
  • Think about the countersink thing.  Why do we not have 20 or 30 of these bits?  Yesterday we tested the one marked #6 and it is too big.  I try a 1/4" bit and it seems dull -- turns out to be too small anyway, and if I had been bright enough I would have just used the bit from the drill press, but I don't want to change that until I am done drill pressing.
  • Muddle a little more and decide to tackle another part of the project.

11.  DONE:  Measure for the positioning of the next 4 stiles. 

Trish helped me with the spacing of the stiles on wall #2, and eventually we get it right -- I still think this is the hardest part.  (It is also humiliating to need a pencil to divide 118 by 4.  School kids today can do that in their head).

This is not a lot of shout about, but not bad for the time available.  Tomorrow should show some real progress.  Fingers crossed I do not fall amok of the stupidness factor.



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